Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is thrilled to announce the implementation of the Focus School Software as its new Student Information System (SIS), set to be operational for the 2024/25 academic year throughout the District. This cutting-edge system will enhance the efficiency of essential school operations such as scheduling, attendance monitoring, grade management, and state reporting by consolidating them into a single, streamlined platform.

All students will be seamlessly integrated into Focus, with automatic account creation for educators, administrative staff, and parents/guardians. With the introduction of Focus, it's important to recognize the phasing out of previous systems, marking a significant move towards a more unified and effective digital solution. This system features a dedicated portal for both students and parents/guardians, facilitating easy and immediate access to critical educational information. This shift reflects the district's dedication to leveraging technological advancements to enrich educational outcomes and bolster community engagement within its schools. BCPS looks forward to the positive impact Focus will have in the forthcoming school year.

Key attributes of Focus School Software include:
  • Being entirely web-based for easy access and use.
  • Recognition as the leading solution for Florida State Reporting requirements.
  • A vital tool for securing state and federal funding essential for our schools' operation.
  • Security: Focus prioritizes the protection of student information with advanced security and privacy measures, ensuring user data remains secure and confidential.
  • Successful implementation across over two-thirds of Florida's school districts and among six of the largest 20 school districts nationwide.

The Focus Parent Portal provides families with easy and secure access to their student's school details, such as Register to Ride, grades, attendance records, interim reports, report cards, and more, accessible from any location at any time.

The Focus Parent Portal offers a direct link to engaging with your student's educational path within Broward County Public Schools. Now, for the first time, parents and guardians of multiple students can access information for all their children in a single location. This portal enables you to track your student’s academic achievements, keep up-to-date with school and district happenings, and communicate directly with your student’s educators.

To set up a new Parent Portal account, a valid email address is required. Should you not have an email account, you can create a free one at any of the following sites:,, or

To link each of your enrolled students, you will need the following details:

  • The student's ID number (starting with '06')
  • The student's date of birth

Should you require help with setting up an account or adding your student to your Parent Portal account, please reach out to your student's school for assistance.

For a user-friendly mobile experience, download the BCPS Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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