The Broward County School District has announced that, commencing with the 2023/2024 academic year, students attending public schools within the district will be required to use transparent backpacks and bags exclusively. This measure aims to enhance safety and security measures within our educational institutions.

The first day of the 2023/2024 school year begins Monday, August 21, 2023. As of that date, ONLY clear backpacks and bags (purses, duffel bags, fanny packs, lunch boxes, etc.) will be allowed on school campuses for students in grades pre-K – 12.


All backpacks and bags must be see-through.
Mesh and colored backpacks are NOT permitted, even if they are transparent

The only exceptions permitted are:

  • A small non-transparent pouch for personal hygiene items.
  • Thermal food containers carried inside clear lunch boxes.
  • School-approved sport-specific carrying case for athletic equipment.
  • School-approved instrument-specific carrying case for band equipment.

Examples of clear backpacks and bags:

Clear Backpack
Clear Purse
Clear Carry Bag
Clear Lunchbox


All backpacks and bags must be clear and made of transparent plastic or vinyl material and must not have any opaque or tinted parts. The backpack or bag may have side mesh pockets, but backpacks made entirely of mesh will not be allowed.

Students with non-compliant backpacks will be subject to search and appropriate disciplinary action

There are no size specifications.

A small non-transparent privacy pouch will be allowed for personal hygiene items.

All lunch boxes must be clear and made of transparent plastic or vinyl material. Students may bring hot/cold food containers. A thermos for hot/cold drinks is also permitted. These items must be stored in a clear lunch box or clear bag.

Student-athletes are required to use clear duffel bags to bring their sporting equipment to school. Exceptions: Bats (softball/baseball) and lacrosse sticks may be carried in their school-approved, sport-specific carrying case.

Band equipment must be carried in a school-approved, instrument-specific carrying case.

Staff and faculty are exempt from the clear backpack requirement.

No, only students are required to follow the clear backpack and bag requirement.

Like staff and volunteers, visitors do not have to follow the clear backpack and bag requirement.

We acknowledge that clear backpacks alone will not eliminate safety concerns. This is merely one of several steps in the district’s comprehensive plan to better ensure student and staff safety.


If You See Something, Say Something!

Call 911 immediately in an emergency. If you have a NON-Emergency Safety or Security concern, please report it through any available tip reporting tools. (You may choose to remain anonymous or provide contact information for a callback.

Call 754-321-3500 - The District Security Operations Center (DSOC) - 24 Hours A Day. Your information/tip will reach Broward Schools Investigators and then law enforcement, if applicable. Please let the DSOC Specialist know if you wish to remain anonymous.

Submit a tip via Fortify online or download the app for easier use. Your tip will reach law enforcement and Broward Schools investigators.

Submit a tip to the Broward Schools email address:

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